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About American Book Company

Woman dealing with workplace stress

Stress Awareness Month

A 2019 study showed that 55% of Americans experience stress daily. These numbers were primarily due to work-related stress, but outside factors can play a role, too. We can almost bet that number has increased over the last three years due to the COVID pandemic

Book Depot Inc. Acquires American Book Company

(Thorold, Ontario, December 8, 2021) – Book Depot, North America’s largest bargain book distributor based in Thorold, Ontario has acquired American Book Company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Discussions began earlier in the year and culminated in the deal being signed on December 3. “This acquisition

Man looking through library bookshelves in the fiction section.

Our Fiction Category

General fiction is one of the most popular genres of books, and no bookstore or shop that sells books is complete without titles from this category. Reading fiction books has also been shown to increase imagination, creativity, and increase empathy. With subcategories of works including

Man opening a delivery box of bulk discounted books.

Bulk Discounts for Authors and Events

Many authors are familiar with the routine book tours, charity evenings, and book signings which come with the line of work. For most, appearances means an opportunity to connect with fans and readers while also having the chance to sell more books. What this means

Stacked books on a wooden table.

What are Remainder Books?

For many bookstores, wholesale clubs, supermarkets, and more, buying remainder or bargain books is often a great way to meet customer needs while maximizing profits. By purchasing from wholesale book distributors like American Book Company, retailers can save up to 80% of the publisher’s suggested