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What are Remainder Books?

For many bookstores, wholesale clubs, supermarkets, and more, buying remainder or bargain books is often a great way to meet customer needs while maximizing profits. By purchasing from wholesale book distributors like American Book Company, retailers can save up to 80% of the publisher’s suggested retail price. For those unfamiliar with how the process works, check out a few of our most asked questions below. 

What are Remainder Books?

Remainder Books are books that a publisher has an excess inventory of and sells off to retailers or discount distributors like American Book Company. Each Remainder Book is marked on the page edge to prevent it from being returned to the publisher or retailer for full MSRP. We receive Remainder Book titles that have been liquidated from publishers and offer them our customers for a fraction of the original price. Our distribution process also makes it easy for you to manage, track, and receive your large inventory orders.

How Can I Identify Remainder Books?

Remainder Books can be distinguished from others as having a mark along the bottom edge of the book. Typically, a small dot or line is used to keep the mark discreet and relatively unnoticeable for the consumer. By adding the mark, the book will be identified as a Remainder Book and will indicate to retailers that it cannot be returned. 

What Does Your Wholesale Pricing Look Like?

American Book Company prices its books at 40% off our suggested bargain book retail prices. A minimum order must include 3 units per title and $100 total order amount. Our inventory has over 12,000 titles from a range of genres so you’ll have no trouble finding books that will suit your retail needs and appeal to your consumer market. 

American Book Company is the largest supplier of wholesale, remainder, and bargain books to a wide variety of customers. We develop strong relationships with well-known publishers and our account base in order to maintain high quality customer service. Have any other questions about our company that weren’t answered here? Visit our FAQ page or contact us on our website. Let us supply your retail location with best-selling titles at a great price.   

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