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Summer reading on the beach

Summer Traveling: What to Have on Hand 

While COVID is still occurring around us, the numbers have lessened, and it’s started to become the norm – people are back in the office, they’ve resumed everyday life, and they are traveling for the summer again. So whether you’re going on a cruise, to

Woman at a library reading spanish books for latino book month

Latino Books Month

Every May, we celebrate Latino Books Month to honor and draw attention to books written by Latino and Latina authors. Our Spanish/Foreign Language section is full of books written by Latino and Latina authors and books translated to Spanish from English. You are sure to

Woman dealing with workplace stress

Stress Awareness Month

A 2019 study showed that 55% of Americans experience stress daily. These numbers were primarily due to work-related stress, but outside factors can play a role, too. We can almost bet that number has increased over the last three years due to the COVID pandemic

Studying spirituality and reading religious books

Religious and Spiritual Section

Our account base consists of stores across the country, including individual and chain bookstores, discount department chains, bargain outlets, wholesale clubs, Chrisitan bookstores, card, gift, and stationery stores, and more. With such a diverse customer base, we offer 20+ genres for all our customers’ preferences.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Many of our customers are small mom-and-pop shops, so we know firsthand the value they provide to their communities and their customers. These small businesses play a huge role in our country’s economy, making up about 44% of the United State’s gross domestic product. They’re

Woman writing a bok for women's history month

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, a time to honor the women who have made strides towards gender equality and empower the next generation. One industry in which women are dominant is the publishing industry; a 2016 study revealed that women make up 78%. While women

Heart made of books on white wooden rustic background

Add a Little Romance This Valentine’s Day

The month of love is here, and we believe it should be filling your heart and shelves with happiness. Luckily, we can help with that!  People everywhere love romance novels. They’re inspiring, happy, and add a little love and joy to your day. Does it

Celebrating Black History Month by reading books by Black authors.

Black History Month 2022

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month to honor African American achievements that have played an essential part in creating the American culture we see today. We’ve celebrated Black History Month for more than a century. The first recorded celebration was in 1915, 50 years