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How Bargain Books are Filling the Needs of Retailers

Bargain books have always been a popular add-on to a purchase. While they aren’t always the sole purpose of a trip to the store, it’s hard to say no to a $7 best seller that you always wanted to read but never got around to. It’s easy to add that book to your cart because, hey, what’s an extra $7? You may have gone to the store to pick up the new release that’s $20 – $25, but much like standing in line at TJ Maxx, it’s hard to pass up a good find for just a few dollars more. This has been the way of bargain books for years, but in 2022, times are changing.

Consumers today are feeling inflationary pains not seen in decades. From the highest fuel prices in history to escalating food prices and imports being at an all-time high, consumers are experiencing challenges never seen before. So, how do we counteract that? What do consumers do? And how do we, as retailers, help? 

This is where bargain books come into play and become the hero that many consumers need. Many book-buying consumers are becoming unable or unwilling to pay full price for new books. Instead, they’ll choose to re-read an old favorite or skip reading, in general, to afford their groceries, utilities, and other necessities. 

These book-buying consumers have gained their freedom back with bargain books as an alternative. They are happy to spend $3, $5, or $7 on a book. In many instances, they can bundle their prices and save even more. Through American Book Company, they can purchase best-selling titles at a reduced price, often getting four or five books for the price of one newly listed novel. 

So, as a bookstore or small shop owner, don’t you want to give your customers the ability to continue reading? We are here to support you and your customers through our extensive list of titles across more than 20 genres. From adult best-sellers to kids’ books, young adults, non-fiction, and so much more, we would be glad to be the resource that allows for the continuation of reading in today’s economy. 
To maintain your book sales, we urge you to consider participating in Bargain Book Programs to keep books and reading alive and well. With our support and prices, you can help your customers find joy through these troubling and challenging times. We have thousands of titles in stock and ready to ship, so send us a message or call us if you have any questions or need help placing an order. We’re prepared to help you help your customers and this country. 

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