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Summer Traveling: What to Have on Hand 

While COVID is still occurring around us, the numbers have lessened, and it’s started to become the norm – people are back in the office, they’ve resumed everyday life, and they are traveling for the summer again. So whether you’re going on a cruise, to the beach, or across the world, you should keep a few things in mind as you travel this summer. 

Depending on where you are headed, there are certain things you should bring. If you’re going on a cruise or anywhere with a beach, pack lots and lots of sunscreen – this year is scorching. If you’re going to a different country, bring good walking shoes to explore the new worlds around you. One thing reigns true regardless of where you are traveling and what type of vacation you are going on: you need to bring books. 

Books are the best traveling companion and accessory. They don’t take up much room or weight in your bag, and they can easily fit into a purse, backpack, or carry-on item. Books are there for you when you can’t sleep in the hotel, are lying out by the beach or pool, or trying to adjust to the time change. Bringing a book or two with you on vacation is our favorite way to keep a sense of routine and normalcy while enjoying your summer. 

You know that we encourage bookstore and small shop owners to include a book section in their stores. This summer, follow the theme! Add romance beach novels, mysteries that are a little less thrilling in the light of day, and many kids’ books. This allows anyone and everyone who enters your shop to find a little something special to bring with them on vacation. They’ll think of you when packing and will surely tell you that their book made their trip all the more remarkable when they return home and to your store for a new read. 

Reading is a great way to relax and unwind. But, while you should already feel those emotions on vacation, can it hurt to take the relaxation up a notch!? We sure don’t think so. So, as you’re planning your summer vacation and creating your packing list, don’t forget the essential item, regardless of where your travels take you. 

If you’re looking for new titles to add to your store that your customers will love, look no further than American Book Company. Our entire company is based around our fondness for books and reading, and we love nothing more than sharing our passions with our customers, who can share them with their customers. So let us know how we can help you turn that dream into reality through your stores. From all of us at American Book Company, we hope you have a relaxing, book-filled vacation this summer.

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