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Latino Books Month

Every May, we celebrate Latino Books Month to honor and draw attention to books written by Latino and Latina authors. Our Spanish/Foreign Language section is full of books written by Latino and Latina authors and books translated to Spanish from English. You are sure to find the Spanish-written titles you’re looking for, from children’s books to romance novels, thrillers, cookbooks, biographies, autobiographies, and so much more.

Children’s Books

Nuestro Nuevo Bebe by Bruce Lanksy is a wonderful guide for first-time parents. This instructional guide details the third trimester and the first year of your baby’s life. It provides helpful information, tips, childcare information, milestones, and more. Not only does this book come with tips for mom, dad, and baby, but it also makes a beautiful keepsake. The birth of your first child is a challenging yet incredible time in life, and Lansky found a way to bundle it all into one great book. 

Dios Ayudame is a powerful book written by twelve-year-old Emme Muniz. Muniz shares her daily prayers with families across the world to help find peace and power in their faith. So whether you need a little help getting out of bed in the morning or are taking on a great task, Muniz points out the power of prayer and faith. This book is a great reminder to those looking for a bit of inspiration and reassurance in their beliefs.


Nuevos Clasicos Latinos is a fabulous cookbook written by chef Lorena Garcia. As one of the most popular Latina chefs in America, her recipes and cooking style are a great way to add a bit of Latina flair to your diet. 

Cocina en Case con Chef James: Ingredientes Simples para Una Cocina Extraordinaria is full of recipes and culinary tips from renowned chef James Tahhan. Tahhan is the co-host of Emmy award-winning show Un Nuevo Dia and has become one of the most popular daytime television chefs. His first cookbook is full of unique recipes focusing on high-quality yet simple ingredients and meals.

Fiction Novels

La Lista Negra is a mystery novel about three people who find themselves caught in the middle of a disappearance. From tabloids and mystery messages to nightclubs, paparazzi, and more, Layla, Aster, and Tommy are in for a surprise of their own. Will the secrets they uncover lead to the discovery of disappeared Madison Brooks, or should they leave some secrets where they lie? 

Una Tentacion Para el Duque follows a man and woman who knew each other in their earlier lives but have since gone on separate paths. How will their past dictate their future? And what will become of her current betrothal? Lorraine Heath perfectly captures the passion and love that could set fire again and change their lives forever. These are just a few of the Spanish titles and genres we offer. Whether you own a Spanish-based shop or want to incorporate more diversity into your offerings, we’re confident that we have the titles you need. Click here to browse all of our Spanish titles.

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