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Add a Little Romance This Valentine’s Day

The month of love is here, and we believe it should be filling your heart and shelves with happiness. Luckily, we can help with that! 

People everywhere love romance novels. They’re inspiring, happy, and add a little love and joy to your day. Does it get better than that? We sure don’t think so. Because of that, we offer an extensive romance section so that regardless of your customers’ preferences, you can provide books they’ll love reading as much as you do.

From “Hallmark Movie feels” to “broken hearts reformed” and everything in between, we’re sure that you’ll find the titles that will pull at your customers’ heartstrings. We offer traditional romance titles, YA pieces, and even a few steamier novels that play up the love factor. So whatever you’re looking for and what you know your target audience will enjoy can be found here.

There is no wrong way to display something so lovely. Whether you make your front table the star of the show or you add a few books to each table and display, you’re sure to catch your customers’ eye. Generally, we like focusing on certain holidays, especially around Christmastime, but it may be better to spread the love this time around, offering lovely books everywhere your customers turn.

We all know that reading can help reduce stress, help you fall asleep faster, and can even lead to better health. So, during the month of love, we encourage you to help your body and mind feel the best they can by reading your favorite romance novels. 

Keep in mind that you’ll get up to 80% off Publisher’s Retail prices when you order through American Book Company. We’re here to give you the best reading material at the best price. Send us a message to find out how we can help you make your customers happy and your bottom line better this February and beyond.

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