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Religious and Spiritual Section

Our account base consists of stores across the country, including individual and chain bookstores, discount department chains, bargain outlets, wholesale clubs, Chrisitan bookstores, card, gift, and stationery stores, and more. With such a diverse customer base, we offer 20+ genres for all our customers’ preferences. With Easter just a few weeks away, we wanted to talk about our religious and spiritual section

Regardless of your religion, we offer titles that may speak to you. So whether you’re looking for information on what the Qur’an means, how China went from anti-religious regimes to a land filled with temples, churches, and mosques, the Jewish social justice movement, or a way to talk to God, we have the books you’re looking for. 

We also offer more spiritual titles. The Gift of Presence by Caroline Welch, for example, is a beautiful guide for women looking to find peace and calmness during the craziness we call life. Welch has developed ways to help women destress and find peace whenever and wherever they are. This book focuses on ways to connect with yourself and your surroundings to cultivate your peace. 

Small Shop Owners

As mom-and-pop shops, you can offer books that line up with your religious beliefs or offer a broader collection observing multiple viewpoints. The choice is yours. 

Christian Bookstore Owners

With stores focused specifically on Christianity, there are countless titles to choose from. Whether your focus is on Catholicism, Protestant views, Orthodox teachings, or a mix of the three, you will find books that your customers will learn from and appreciate. 

Card, Gift, and Stationery Stores

Whether you want to offer religious books or stick with something a little less controversial, such as self-help or women-powered pieces, we have many options from which to choose. 

Religion and spirituality are powerful and can connect people across the world. We encourage you to add a section in your book shop dedicated to this. You can offer what you believe in personally or offer a wider variety of religions and beliefs. Keep in mind that your customers may not have the same opinions as you, but as the business owner, you are free to determine what you offer to customers. Send us a message if you need help placing an order or are interested in specific titles. We can help you spread the word you believe into your customers. 

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