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Our Remainder Book Genres

With over 12,000 book titles, American Book Company offers our account base a wide selection of different genres. Our inventory includes a variety of formats, from mass market paperback to coffee table books. Whether you’re looking for a specific book genre for your business, or searching for a mix of a little bit of everything, American Book Company is your one stop shop for all remainder, bargain, and wholesale books. View the many genres and subcategories of the books we offer below!


Within our fiction genre, we carry categories such as general literature, poetry, science fiction, mass market paperback books, and many more. American Book Company’s inventory also includes titles from bestselling authors like Michael Connelly, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Michael Crichton, and countless others. No matter what area of fiction you’re looking to merchandise at your retail location, you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.  


Our extensive collection of nonfiction books covers every area of the genre. Just a few of the nonfiction subcategories we carry include biographies, cooking/home, science and nature, history, religion and spirituality, wellness, business, language, and art. By visiting our website, you can browse our countless titles and subgenres of nonfiction books. 


Along with our fiction and nonfiction genres, we supply many books within the entertainment genre. For example, our humor category contains many fun memoirs as well as lighthearted titles. For customers looking to appeal to a large group of sports-lovers, our sports and recreation genre is filled with great books.  We also have an exciting variety of travel guides and places to visit within our travel genre.

Children’s Books and Young Adult

American Book Company even has books for kids and young adults. Ranging from children’s educational curriculum books to picture books and activities, we have a substantial selection of options for kids. Our young adult genre is filled with books for young adults of all ages, including chapter books and series books. 

American Book Company is the largest distributor of remainder and wholesale books. We provide our account base with books from any genre they need. Visit our products page to explore all of the genres and categories we offer or contact us to see how we can help supply you with books for your merchandising needs!

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