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Activities and Games for Adults to Make the Most of Summer

Summer has traditionally been the time to take vacations, relax, and take a much-needed break from the stress of everyday life. However, working a demanding job may mean that escaping away to the beach for summer vacation isn’t always the most practical thing to do. Even adults need to enjoy some relaxation from time to time, and this is where American Book Company can help out your store’s book section! Check out a few of the subcategories within our adult activities and games category to encourage your customers to stay entertained and relaxed all summer long.

Coloring Books

One of the biggest trends in the adult self-care category has been the addition of coloring books made for adults! From animals and cities to outer space and plants, you can find a coloring book for any topic you want. This activity will take anyone back to their childhood and can provide hours of entertainment. Any adult will enjoy the relaxation and soothing fun that comes with sitting down with a coloring book. Try adding a few of our favorites, such as Exquisite Flowers, Secret London, or Sea Life to your collection of offered coloring books!

New Hobby Books

Summer is a great time to learn a new hobby or explore a new passion! Even for those who don’t have countless hours to dedicate to practicing something new, getting an activity book is a great way to start. New hobby books are perfect for intriguing customers and make an excellent addition to the book collection at your shop or store. We recommend starting with a few diverse titles such as Killer Poker, 20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry, and Game Query


No book store is complete without a selection of beautiful journals to choose from. Journaling has also been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote strong mental health habits in adults. Best of all, journals never become outdated, making them an attractive addition to your shop’s book section. 

There are many ways for busy adults to incorporate some rest, relaxation, and most importantly, fun, into the summer season. These adult activity and game options are ideal to add to your book store’s or shop’s collection of books for sale. Explore all the titles American Book Company has to offer in this category here

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