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COVID is Still Impacting Businesses – How ABC Can Help

It’s no secret that the COVID pandemic changed many things. It changed how we shop, how businesses run, and how we handle our day-to-day lives. At American Book Company, we took these changes in stride, but we didn’t let them impact how we conduct our business and treat our customers. With a fully staffed team, we can produce and provide the same quality books and items that we always have. We know that many companies today do not have the same staff and inventory they did a few years ago. This hurts their bottom line, but more importantly, it hurts their customers. Let’s look at how our entire staff and dedicated commitment to our customers have withstood the turmoil of the pandemic and allowed us to continue providing the service our customers have come to expect of us. 

Most businesses and industries are up year-over-year, for obvious reasons, but they are starting to fall month-over-month. With many companies seeing smaller staff and less inventory hitting their shelves, it’s no wonder they see a decline. General merchandise stores, for example, were down 3.3%, May over April but saw a 9.3% increase so far compared to the same dates in 2020. We would consider books to be part of ‘general merchandise’ because they are universal. There are new books, new authors, and popular genres to stay behind, but books will never go out of style like fashion trends or expire like groceries. Shouldn’t we take advantage of that fact? Absolutely! 

As local stores and mom-and-pop shops are trying to stay afloat, they need new merchandise to offer their customers. That’s where we come in – our numbers follow the year-over-year increase, of course, but we have also been seeing monthly increases. We’re getting calls from new customers and small stores because we have the inventory to sell them. Our fully staffed team can box up the orders, and our sister company, American Distribution Services, can distribute the orders to our customers – on time and in the best condition possible. 

We believe that it’s our duty as the largest wholesale distributor of the remainder, promotional, and bargain-priced books to keep the same quality, service, and support for our customers that we have over the last 20+ years, pandemic or not. If your company struggles to keep books on the shelves and needs help making that extra income to keep your business flourishing or simply running, reach out to us for assistance. We’d love to be part of the reason that you can come out of the COVID-19 pandemic on top. 

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