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How Mom-and-Pop Stores Benefit from a Good Book Selection

Local stores and mom-and-pop shops oftentimes serve as backbones of the community and can help bring people closer together. Nowadays, a lot of purchasing is done online or at major national retailers which can make it difficult for smaller shops to compete. Expanding your product selection can help increase business as well as attract new customers. One easy way to do this is by adding a good selection of books to your bookstore. We’ve outlined some of the benefits of doing so below.

Easy Way to Increase Your Profits

Adding a book selection to your inventory doesn’t have to be expensive. To keep product investment costs low, you can order from wholesale or bargain-book distributors like American Book Company. When you buy remainder books through us, you can choose from thousands of best-selling titles at up to 80% of the publisher’s suggested retail price. This is a great way to minimize risks and to try out adding a new product selection. 

Stay Competitive with Large Retail Chains

Large retailer corporations and e-commerce suppliers seem to dominate the marketplace today, making it harder for smaller shops to stay competitive. Offering a new selection of books can be helpful in increasing your store’s appeal to customers. Shoppers will also appreciate the fact that no shipping is required and they can physically shop in-store. 

Cater to Your Current Customers – Or Reach Out to New Ones

No one knows your customers like you do. When you add books to your store, you’ll be able to choose ones that you know your customer base will enjoy. Or, if you’re looking to expand and find new shoppers, you can add books that will attract a new target market. By adding a book selection, you can reach new customers who may not have previously shopped at your store. 

Adding a book selection to your mom-and-pop store is an easy way to stay competitive, increase your profits, and expand your customer base. If you’re ready to start adding books to your inventory, American Book Company has every title you need. Visit our website to browse our wide variety of books and start an order!

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