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Benefits of Buying Wholesale Books

When discussing the benefits of buying wholesale, it is important to understand what exactly a wholesaler does. Wholesale distributors typically buy products directly from manufacturers and then sell a bulk amount of products to retailers.  Most commonly, wholesale distributors do not specialize in a specific area of retail but have a large collection of different types of products. American Book Company, however, focuses solely on the wholesale distribution of books. 

Who We Are and Why Wholesale is Important To Us 

American Book Company is the largest wholesale distributor of remainder, promotional, and bargain-priced books. In 1997, Dean Winegardner founded the company after operating a chain of 100+ bookstores. American Book Company was built on strong relationships with the world’s top publishers and the hard work of some of the most talented men and women in the industry. Wholesale distribution is important to us because it provides financial, quantitative, and relational benefits to both distributors and retailers. 

Financial and Quantitative Benefits of Buying Wholesale

When buying wholesale books, the higher quantity of books bought, the lower price a retailer will pay per book. This is due to wholesalers giving a higher discount to retailers that buy a greater number of products. Another advantage of buying wholesale books is that retailers incur lower shipping expenses; buying in bulk means a retailer will be able to order books less frequently, thus resulting in fewer shipping charges. An important yet simple benefit of buying wholesale is that the books a retailer offers will be less likely to become unavailable, which will then benefit the retailer financially. There are many benefits of buying wholesale, but the financial and quantitative benefits of buying wholesale are sure to aid in the success of retailers. 

Relational Benefits of Buying Wholesale 

Buying wholesale has many different benefits, one of them being relational benefits. Relationships and connections have been and continue to be the foundation of positive business experiences. When buying wholesale, retailers have the opportunity to create good relationships with distributors fairly quickly since they aren’t having to communicate with multiple distributors. Buying wholesale also allows retailers to build a loyal customer base because customers can rely on a specific retailer to have a large number of products.

American Book Company wants to build that relationship with all retailers in need of updating their book section in store and would love to hear from you. If you are interested in gaining the financial, quantitative, and relational benefits of buying wholesale books, contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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