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Happy Holiday Reading!

‘Tis the season! At American Book Company, we offer many seasonal book options that are sure to meet all of your holiday reading needs. Our seasonal selection includes many different holiday-themed books, ranging from Valentine’s Day and Easter to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. With Christmas quickly approaching, we would like to recommend some of our favorite Christmas-themed books to help you enjoy this holiday season! 

Best-Selling Children’s Christmas Books

River Rose and The Magical Christmas By Kelly Clarkson

Most of us grew up giving cookies and milk to Santa. In this book, a little girl named River Rose wants to stay up all night to give Santa the gift of a hand-delivered note. River Rose soon falls asleep and finds herself on a magical adventure to the North Pole in hopes of telling Santa what she truly wants for Christmas. An adventure most of us dream to have, this book is the perfect way to get the little ones in the holiday spirit! 

The 12 Days of Christmas by Greg Pizzoli

This book is the perfect take on one of the most popular Christmas carols. This children’s story is based around an elephant and his father who receive all of the items listed in the song “12 Days of Christmas” as presents; although they are excited, they quickly realize that they don’t know what to do with them all. This story is filled with pictures and excitement that are sure to keep children engaged while also teaching them a classic Christmas carol! 

Best-Selling Adult Christmas Books

Rachel’s Homemade Holiday By Caroline Roberts 

Like most, the main character Rachel Swinton is looking forward to her well-deserved holiday break. With the snow falling over Primrose Farm and a new romance brewing with Tom, the boy from the farm next door, Rachel is ready for a wonderful Christmas break. Unfortunately, the arrival of Tom’s ex-girlfriend, the absence of Rachel’s late father, and her mother’s connection with someone new make it difficult for Rachel to have the Christmas holiday she had imagined. This Romantic, yet family-oriented book is a compelling and candid read that will be perfect for this holiday season! 

Christmas Present by Jacquelyn Mitchard 

Two days before Christmas, celebrating what should have been a fourteenth anniversary filled with joy and love, Laura and Elliot learn the news that changes everything. Laura felt like she was having a migraine, but soon the couple found themselves in a place no one ever wants to be… the emergency room. With devastating news and heavy hearts, the family rallies around Laura and depicts the true meaning of Christmas. This book is a heartwrenching, yet heartwarming story that reminds readers to be grateful for everything they have and everything they receive this holiday season. 

People celebrate the holiday season in many different ways, but our favorite way to celebrate this season is with a good read! American Book Company offers many different Christmas-themed books to help get everyone in the holiday spirit. Find your favorite Christmas read today by checking our seasonal category and let us know if we can help you place orders that your customers will love. Happy reading and happy holidays!

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