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Holiday Planning – Start Now!

It may seem a bit strange to start planning for the holiday season in the middle of August, but those who have been in the industry know that you must begin early or you will miss out on the best products. The scary nature of the business is that if you don’t start early enough, it’s quite possible you will not have enough inventory to push when you need it most. 

Depending on your industry and the size of your business, it’s recommended to start planning for the holiday season between three and six months before Christmas, with almost everyone agreeing that orders should be placed and on shelves before Halloween, as upwards of 40% of consumers begin their personal holiday shopping prior. 

If these statistics are causing a bit of a panic and you realize you need to start placing orders immediately, especially for new and small business owners, and those who took a bit of a setback due to COVID, we have good news for you – as the largest wholesale distributor of remainder, promotional, and bargain-priced books, we’re constantly stocked with tens of thousands of bestselling books from the world’s top authors. The best part is that our prices are up to 80% off of the publisher’s retail, meaning that you can prepare for the holiday season without breaking the bank. 

Our team is always at the ready to help current and new customers stock their shelves with the best of the best. We’re in the book business because we love it. We love reading, we love seeing our favorite books on our customers’ shelves, and we love helping our customers reach their customers in a way that brings everyone together. 

Whether this is your first year in the business, you’re trying to recover from COVID, or you just realized it’s already August (don’t worry, we did too!), we’re here to help you plan for the holiday season. We know that many suppliers are running low on inventory or are having trouble actually shipping their products out. We’re very happy to report that we’re performing at the same levels we were pre-covid, and we’d love nothing more than to help you get back to that, too. Let us know how we can help you stock your shelves for the holiday season and beyond.

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