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How to Create a Book Section This Holiday Season

As the largest distributor of remainder and bargain-priced books, we know the joy that people receive when they get books at a great price. We’d love to help your small business bring that joy to customers this year, too! 

Why should you include a book section this holiday season?

Books are one of the best presents you can give – they don’t expire, they won’t go out of style, and people can use them anywhere. If you don’t already have one, we recommend adding a book section to your store this holiday season. If you do have one, we suggest displaying it in a prominent place to draw extra attention. Not only do books make great presents, but they also make wonderful stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. We can all but bet that everyone on your list would enjoy and appreciate new books this year, and we know that your customers will love the fact that they are paying less for a perfectly new novel. 

What books should you choose for your book display?

At American Book Company, we offer more than 20 genres of books with hundreds to thousands of titles in each. Think about your customer base and what they would want. Have you received any requests lately? What do your customers talk about when you are chatting with them at checkout? These questions can help you decide on the right genres for your store. The options are pretty much endless, but you should try to stick with what the majority of your target audience is looking for. 

How should you display your books?

Once you’ve decided on the titles you’ll carry, this is where the creativity and personal style of your store come in! You can have fun with this and display your books however you choose – as a front display, in a book tree, or as accents on shelves. You know your customers best – where do they spend the most time? Try adding a small section of books there!

How American Book Company Can Help

It’s no secret that we love books and we love helping stores and boutiques offer these products at a discounted price. All the books we sell are brand new and up to 80% off the publisher’s retail price. 

We know that the holidays are a busy time for local stores, but we also know you don’t want to break the bank by adding new products during this time. Our prices allow you to add great inventory to your store while keeping prices low for you and your customers. 

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