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National Book Month

At American Book Company, we love the month of October. The weather is perfect in our East Tennessee headquarters, the leaves are beautiful, and the best part – it’s National Book Month! The entire month is focused on the importance of reading and writing; it’s a time to celebrate and pay homage to our favorite authors and books and branch out to find new ones.

How to Celebrate 

The best way to celebrate is with new books, of course! We all have our favorite books, but there’s something special about finding a wonderful, new book. Stocking your shelves with the classics, as well as new trends, is always a good idea. We’d like to help you take it a step further and add a few lesser-known titles and authors to your inventory. You never know what will speak to your customers – or even a member of your staff! 

We offer more than 20 genres to choose from and we’re certain that some new gems are waiting for you. Scroll through categories you wouldn’t normally lean towards and see what you find. We suggest genres that may be a bit different from your normal, but ones that still fit with a general idea of what your customers want. You can branch out a bit, but make sure that you keep your ideal customer and past purchases in mind. 

Benefits of National Book Month

The month-long celebration encourages reading, highlights the best authors of our time, and promotes literacy. The main goal, of course, is to encourage reading; this is for people of all ages – kids, teens, adults, and the elderly. Reading has so many benefits: it reduces stress, improves vocabulary, promotes good sleep hygiene, and improves memory. A month-long celebration to help so many parts of your life? Sign us up!

Another benefit of National Book Month is helping the next generation. Schools change what books are required throughout the years, and taking time to recognize some of the most influential novels of our time can only help the children. These books and authors can bring recognition to powerful role models and can also show young people how important reading is. 

How American Book Company Can Help

As we mentioned, we offer more than 20 genres of books, so you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for – sometimes before you even realize what that is! Our inventory is full of more than 12,000 titles from bestselling authors, like Mark Twain and William Shakespeare, as well as lesser-known and up-and-coming writers. If you’re looking for new books to stock your shelves with, feel free to contact us. Our selection of best-selling titles is priced at 80% off of traditional wholesale pricing. We’d love to help you expand your collection and help your customers, all while saving you money. 

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