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Our History and Military Books

History and military books make popular gifts and good reads to stock your stores. At American Book Company, we have a tremendous selection of award-winning history and military books to choose from, including New York Times bestsellers and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Must-Have History Reads

History reads are great for entertainment and educational purposes. We have so much to learn for our historians and bibliographers, making history books a great choice in any book collection. A popular historical, political, New York Times bestseller at American Book Company is Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America by Douglas Brinkley. In this book, Brinkley shows how essential nature was to FDR as an unsung leader of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and protector of American public lands. FDR built many state parkways and scenic roadways that stemmed from his youth exploring the Hudson River and bird watching. Rightful Heritage is an excellent read for those interested in the preservation of America and the man who started it all.

A new favorite that follows the informative drama of the English Civil War is To Catch a King: Charles II’s Great Escape by Charles Spencer. When Charles II returns to England in 1651 to fight for his deceased father’s throne, he is crushed by Cromwell’s army and sent on the run. To Catch a King closely follows Charles II over the following weeks until his throne is restored and later retells the tales of his escape to scribe Samuel Pepys. The rewritten account of this historical story is based on extensive archive material, including scribe Pepys, as an informative historical retelling of Charles II’s adventurous action-packed escape.

Top Military Reads

In addition to our variety of historical books at American Book Company, we have a great selection of military books to choose from. The #1 bestseller First Man In: Leading from the Front by Ant Middleton is a Military self-help biography in which Ant Middleton shares his own experience of what makes a true leader. After serving the military for thirteen years, with four years as a Special Boat Service, Sniper Middleton knows what it takes to excel. Sharing the highs and lows of his life, Middleton draws valuable lessons that each of us can use in our daily lives in First Man In.

Another must-read biography is Anthony Summers and Robby Swan’s A Matter of Honor: Pearl Harbor: Betrayal, Blame and a Family’s Quest for Justice. The attack on Pearl Harbor devastated Americans and launched our entry into WWII. After the attack, Admiral Husband Kimmel, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, was relieved of duty on accounts of negligence and dereliction of duty. The Admiral deafened his actions against this public disgrace for the rest of his life. The evidence against him was not solid, serving as a coverup for high military and political officials who failed to get vital information to Kimmel’s Army counterpart. Following his death, the Admiral’s sons fought to clear his name. After their passing, Kimmel’s grandson still works to clear his grandfather’s name. Now authors Summers and Swan look to research this family in A Matter of Honor to try and understand this pivotal event.

American Book Company is the largest wholesale distributor of reminder books. We have worked with numerous retailers to help them build a collection of books to add to their shops and stores. Our history and military category is filled with bestsellers and we keep prices extremely low for our customers. To explore our history and military selection and find thousands of other great books, visit our website.

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