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Stress Awareness Day – How Reading Can Help

We all know that reading can help with stress, right? At American Book Company, we do! The last few months of the year often yield more stress for people, especially around the holidays, so much so that we honor National Stress Awareness Day this November 3rd. Our answer to handling that extra stress is by reading more! 

What are the benefits of reading?

Not only does reading help eliminate stress, but it can also help build your vocabulary, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, strengthen your brain, and may even help you live longer! While these are all wonderful benefits, we will focus on the reduced stress part for the sake of this blog. 

Did you know that reading for 30 minutes each day has been proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of distress as effectively as laughing and yoga? That’s right! While you may not always be able to call a friend and laugh for 30 minutes or find a great yoga studio, you can ALWAYS find a quick 30 minutes to pick up a great book. So we suggest incorporating (at least!) 30 minutes of reading into your daily routine, and we can all but guarantee that this will be your most peaceful holiday season yet.

Stock up for the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays – are your shelves stocked with the best books? If they are, that is wonderful – your customers may have already begun shopping for their friends and family members. If you still need a few great titles before the rush starts, head to our website for the best authors and titles across 20+ genres

Use Stress Awareness Day as a day to refocus your mind and priorities over the last two months of the year. And don’t be afraid to share this information with your customers! While they may know the benefits of reading, remind them today and for the rest of the year that reading can and will help them, their families, and friends. 
At American Book Company, we love books, and we know that our customers do too! How lucky are we that our favorite pastime can help us so much? Whether you own a bookshop, you have a small section in your boutique, or you’re looking to expand into offering new titles, we’d love to help. As we mentioned, the holidays are a big stressor for many people, including business owners. We’re happy to tell you that our titles are up to 80% off the publisher’s retail price, so there’s no added monetary stress there! If you need help deciding on the right titles or genres for your customer base, let us know. We’ll help you find the best books your customers will love while saving you money and reducing your (and your customers’!) stress this holiday season.

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